Invest the now in tomorrow’s dream as so-called by Aaron Levie, the chief executive officer of Box, a cloud-storage company, and one of the successful people of the era. The incredible rise of Box CEO Aaron Levie, who stared down the naysayers to prove them wrong, Aaron Levie was obsessed with running an internet company from an early age. He launched about 15 companies as a teenager, including one called Zizap, which Levie jokingly described as “the fastest search engine on the Internet – except google. Aaron is always dedicated to his work and maintains himself in a stage where he fulfills his thoughts via his dedication and hard work. His love for his passion makes “box” companies fly to the sky with a net worth of $770 Million (2020). Let us see how Aaron Levie manages his schedule and follows his daily routine.


Who is Aaron Levie ?

  • Aaron Levie was born on December 27, 1985 in Seattle, Washington, United States.
  • He is a celebrity entrepreneur.
  • He is the co-founder and CEO of the enterprise cloud company Box.
  • His nationality is American.
  • He attended University of Southern California, Mercer Island High School.
  • The parents of Aaron Levie are Ben Levie, Karyn Levie.
Full NameAaron Winsor Levie
Net Worth$300,000
Date Of Birth1985-12-27
Place Of BirthSeattle, Washington, USA
OccupationCEO at Box
ProfessionAmerican entrepreneur
ResidenceLos Altos, California, USA
EducationUniversity of Southern California
NicknamesAaron Levie, Levie, Aaron

What is BOX ?

  • Box, Inc. (formerly is a public company based in Redwood City, California.
  • It develops and markets cloud-based content management, collaboration, and file sharing tools for businesses.
  • Box was founded in 2005 by Aaron Levie and Dylan Smith. Initially, it focused on consumers, but around 2009 and 2010 Box pivoted to focus on business users.
  • The company raised about $500 million over numerous funding rounds, before going public in 2015.
  • Its software allows users to store and manage files in an online folder system accessible from any device.
  • Users can then comment on the files, share them, apply workflows, and implement security and governance policies.
“Look for new enabling technologies that create a wide gap between how things have been done and how they can be done.”
Aaron Levie lifestyle
Aaron Levie lifestyle

Morning of Aaron Levie

  • Wakes up late in morning
    As Aaron works till late night, he wakes up late in morning at around 10am.
  • Runs through emails and messages
    After waking up he stays at bed for 30 minutes, and checks his every mails and messages.
  • Takes his coffee
    He loves a morning coffee, and he says that he feel fresh and relax after having coffee, once he told, if he had more hands he would take more cup of coffee.

Afternoon of Aaron Levie

  • Way to office
    Levie arrives to work at 11am, and usually book an uber for doing work sitting back while way to office.
  • Attends meeting
    Levie’s workday usually involves lots of meetings.
  • Schedule meeting openly
    He have an open calendar system, so anyone can put a meeting on his calendar. He meet frequently with sales, marketing, product design, engineering, recruiting, finance, and customers.
  • Takes interviews
    They have about 15 recruiters, and he talk with them two or three times a day. He personally interview a lot of candidates.
  • To keep track of everything he needs to work on, Levie carries around a piece of paper he calls “50 Things.”
  • The lists contains all the important tasks and projects.
  • He’ll run through this list every couple of days to make sure all the items are on track.

Evening of Aaron Levie

  • Takes a power nap
    Around 6 to 7 pm he wind ups his meeting and takes a quick nap in conference room, he says after taking nap of 20-25 minutes he feels fully charge.
  • Dinner time
    After waking up he ways to dinner at Vietnamese pho house just a walk away from the Box offices. He has fixed schedule of dinner which contains chicken soup, extra noodles and a can of A&W root beer.
  • Focus on the company’s longer term vision
    Levie takes out some uninterrupted hours to himself where he focus on the company’s longer term vision, and writing emails on areas that need improvement.
  • Leaves office at late night
    Levie leaves the office between 1-2am and spends some time before bed reading, “manuals of business strategy, biographies of celebrated entrepreneurs, histories of iconic companies,” 
  • He is an night owl and sleep late at night
    He’s asleep at around 3 – 3.30 am.
Aaron Levie lifestyle 1
Aaron Levie lifestyle

Learnings from Aaron Levie

  • The future is customer-led, not company-led.
  • Core leadership principles don’t change.
  • Follow Your Passion.
  • Learning Must be Continuous.
  • Always Look Forward and think of future.
  • Build a Great Team.
“If there could’ve ever been a magical time to build an enterprise software company, now is absolutely that time.”