Battling with health is not an easy task, health is the key to everything in life and without that nothing is possible in life. AI Roker underwent many challenges with his weight, he even underwent surgery and so many health complications, he battled everything and became so much successful in life and that is the spirit that every man should possess. When there is a problem, it comes with a solution, and its in your hand to find that solution, this is the best lesson that one can learn from AI Roker. To know more about him, lets take a look at his daily routine.

Who is AI Roker?

  • Albert Lincoln is an American weather presenter, journalist, actor and a author.
  • He is currently the anchor on NBC’s Today.
  • He has an inactive American Meteorological Society television seal.
  • He has set the Guinness world record by reporting for 34 hours.
  • Roker is a game show fan.
  • He is also an avid barbecue enthusiast.
  • In the 2016, the non-fiction book Been There, Done That: Family Wisdom for Modern Times, written by Roker and his wife Deborah Roberts, was published.

Daily Routine

Mornings of Roker

  • Getting ready for the day
    He wakes up in the morning and showers, shaves, get dressed and checks his phone and then becomes busy with this show forecasting weather.
  • He is a multi-task
    He is a multi-tasking person, he would do all his work at a time, during the call, he will pack lunch for his son and himself, drinking a Kombucha- Roker doesn’t drink tea or Coffee.

Afternoons of Roker

  • Lunch
    He is very much conscious about his health, it is a lesson that he learnt from his illness and he has designed around a healthy nutrition, he has a meal chart and follows it regularly. For lunch he eats salad with lean protein.

Evenings of Roker

  • Dinner
    For dinner, he continues to keep it with lean, along with that, he eats meats like chicken, fish, or lamb with a salad.
AI roker
AI roker

Personal Facts

  • Born: August 20th, 1954, U.S.
  • Age: 67 years.
  • Alma matter: SUNT Oswego (B.A, communications).
  • Spouse: Deborah Roberts (1995), Alice Bell (1984-1994).
  • Children: Nicholas Albert Roker, Courtney Roker, Leila Roker.
  • Siblings: Christopher Roker, Alisa Smith.
  • Books: Never Going Back, don’t make me stop this car, etc.
  • Occupation: journalist, television personality, actor, author.
  • Years active: 1974-present.


  • Another world- 1990.
  • Seinfeld- 1993.
  • Reading Rainbow- 1994.
  • Mad About You- 1994.
  • NewsRadio- 1996.
  • The single guy- 1997.
  • Men in black- 1997.
  • Quest for Camelot- 1998.
  • Saturday night live- 1998.
  • Will and grace- 2000.
  • The proud family- 2003-2004.
  • Robots- 2005.
  • 30 rock- 2007.
  • Word girl- 2011.
  • Treme- 2012.
  • The Simpsons- 2012.
  • The blacklist- 2020.
  • Zombieland- 2019.


  • Don’t make me stop this car- 2000.
  • Never Going back: Winning the weight-loss battle for good- 2013.
  • Been there, done that: family wisdom for modern times co-written with his wife Deborah Roberts- 2016.
  • The morning Show Murders- 2009.
  • The Midnight show murders- 2010.
  • The talk show murders- 2011.

Learning from Roker

  • Health is wealth.
  • Consider risk factors.
  • Never take anything for granted.
  • There is reason for optimism.
  • There is something that every man should know.
  • Health is the key to everything.
  • Never be tired of anything in life.