Successful people have a habit of self-improvement and they practice it every day. Be it home or office, she can organize things accordingly and can do it better than anyone else. It takes a lot of courage and self-motivation for a woman to succeed in her area of interest, there will be ten people on the left and ten people on the right to tell you that everything you do is going to go wrong, in this hour you need to believe in yourself. One such woman who believed in herself and went miles in her career is Anne Wojcicki. Let’s take a look at her lifestyle, daily routine, and some of the interesting facts about her.

Who is Anne Wojcicki?

Anne E. Wojcicki is an American entrepreneur and the co-founder and CEO of personal genomics company 23 and Me. The company was founded in the year 2006 along with Linda Avey and Paul Cusenza, the motto behind this company was to make the public aware of their genetic information. She is also a board member of the Breakthrough Prize.

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ceo of youtube

Daily Routine

To play the dual role of being a mother and the CEO of a prominent company is not an easy task, but Anne balances her track so well. Well, let’s take a look at the daily routine of this dual player.


  • She wakes up around 7.30
    Anne says that she hasn’t kept an alarm for years, it’s her kids who usually wake her up. They all sleep together and wake up together. They mostly wake up around 7.30 in the morning.
  • She is a coffee lover
    Anne says that she loves coffee and drinks them a lot, after getting out of her bed, she goes with a press-coffee-black coffee with cream.
  • She works out thrice a week
    She says life is different with kids and doesn’t find much time for herself, she works out probably three or four times a week whenever she finds time.
  • She has her breakfast in the office
    She doesn’t eat her breakfast until she gets into her office, she doesn’t eat until 10.30, and then she eats eggs with avocado.


  • She eats lunch in her company
    In order to encourage team bonding, they have lunch catered in the office every day, Anne feels that going out during lunch would probably waste her valuable time.
  • She leaves the office at 4 pm
    She usually leaves the office at 4 pm, in case she has to work for long hours, she stays until 7 pm.


  • She puts her kids to sleep and work
    After getting home, she has dinner with her children, puts them to sleep, and works until 11 pm.

Interesting Facts About Anne Wojcicki

  • The company of Anne Wojcicki 23andMe could be worth $1.05 billion when the company goes public.
  • She is a fitness freak. Anne told that the person who helped her through her divorce was Ivanka Trump who she described as ‘super-supportive’.
  • She is obsessed with riding, she loves to ride her peloton bike and she took up online yoga classes during pandemic.
anne wojcicki los atlos 1
anne wojcicki los atlos

Learning from Anne Wojcicki

Anne would be one of the perfect role models for all the women who want to achieve in their life despite having children, nothing is too late in your life to achieve, you can achieve whenever you want, with the right goal and vision in life, few inspirations that we can take away from here.

  • To be passionate
  • To believe in yourself
  • To be always positive
  • To make use of every opportunities in life
  • To be productive
  • To believe in your kind of energy

Anne Wojcicki Quotes to Inspire You Towards Success

  • It doesn’t matter how rich or poor you are: when you’re sick, you want the exact same thing.
  • When you try new things, you will make mistakes. That’s OK.
  • One of the things that got me interested in genetics was the relationship between genes and environment. We are all dealt a certain deck of cards, but our environment can influence the outcomes.
  • Our approach to medicine is very 19th-century. We are still in the dark ages. We really need to get to the molecular level so that we are no longer groping about in the dark.