No one has an idea about the future and no one knows about the upcoming life events, which life presents you later on. This is a story of one of the most powerful women on earth, Beth Comstock. She had thought to become a journalist, Completed his degree in the field of biology, then started storytelling as a carrier choice, then changed her field and had worked around 3 decades for (GE) General Electric. she built a career path from storyteller to chief marketer to GE Vice-Chair and ended it by being awarded from fortune and Forbes, the most powerful woman on earth. Beth Comstock, never settle for failure, she used to navigate changes and ask her co-workers to do the same, she has a high spirit towards his work which makes her the queen at the level, that’s the reason she became the Most powerful lady. It looks too good when you get titles like these, but you have to stick to your routine, you have to show your determination and punctuality towards work. Let us see how Beth Comstock settles her routine and how goodly she follows it.

Marketing’s job is never done. It’s about perpetual motion. We must continue to innovate every day.

Who is Beth Comstock

  • Beth Comstock (Full Name: Elizabeth “Beth” Comstock)is an American business executive.
  • She is a former vice-chair of General Electric.
  • Comstock was born in 30th August 1960 in the United States. Comstock is 61 years old as of 2021.
  • Comstock attended the College of William and Mary where he graduated in 1982 with a Bachelor of Science in Biology.
  • Elizabeth Comstock is a resides in virgina, USA with her family.

What’s the DNA of a marketer? We call it the 4-I’s: instigator, implementer, innovator, and integrator.

GE (General Electric) under Beth’s leadership

  • Under Elizabeth Comstock leadership, GE’s brand value has grown to more than $44 billion.
  • As Chief Marketing Officer, she expanded marketing’s role in innovation and led with a digital-first approach, helping seed GE’s digital transformation.
  • She comes up with an amazing stratergy of sustainable business created the sustainable business strategy, ecomagination, which has generated billions of dollars in revenue and resultsin increasing the company’s focus on renewable technology while reducing its resource footprint. 

An idea doesn’t count if you can’t use it”

Professional life

  1. Throughout her career, Beth has held a number of marketing and communications jobs at General Electric, NBC, CBS, and Turner Broadcasting/CNN.
  2. She spent almost 30 years at GE, where she became the company’s first chief marketing officer and, later, the company’s first female vice chair of innovation.
  3. As President of Integrated Media at NBC Universal, Beth oversaw the early development of
  4. She currently serves as a director at Nike and trustee of The National Geographic Society. 
Beth Comstock net worth
Beth Comstock net worth

Morning of Beth Comstock

  • She wakes early in morning
    Comstock wakes up early in the morning at 5am.
  • Takes a tea
    It’s her favorite time of day. she get a cup of caffeinated tea and sit on the sofa while enjoying a cup of tea.
  • yoga on weekend
    Comstock might do some yoga on the weekends when she has time, or go for a walk to clear her mind.
  • Writes an journal
    Beth spends an hour writing longhand in a journal. she love to do this, and she thinks that daily writing an journal flourishes the mind. She usually writes about her crazy dream or something in her mind, this trains her mind.
  • Way to office
    She reaches office by 7.30am as she thinks that early morning she is more productive, and can help company to reach the height.

An afternoon of Beth Comstock

  • Attends meeting
    Since she left GE, a lot of her work has involved meeting with entrepreneurs and helping them with business challenges.
  • She is demand for the corporate world
    As Beth has left general electric, but she is in demand in corporate world. She balance her writing speaking and consulting gigs as well as board meetings.
  • She looks for mini companies too
    Also, she basically had to spin up a mini company to get her book launched, with different people helping her with PR (public reaction) and social media.

Evening of Beth comstock

  • Spending time with her husband
    She loves to spend her time with his loving and caring husband Chris Comstock.
  • Checks out her social handle
    This is the time she open social media just to see what’s going on and read stuff she didn’t get to during the day.
  • Brush her teeth and skin caring
    This is the time of her beauty regimen, she is too sincere for her skin caring and spends around half hour for that.
  • Relaxing and freshing her mind before sleep
    She might watch a little bit of late-night comedy before she way towards bed.
  • Early to bed
    She sleeps around 10 p.m. it’s not too early for her as she wakes up early she head to sleep early. This is an daily routine of 61 year old lady, who was one of the powerful woman on earth.

Net worth of Beth Comstock

The estimated Net Worth of Elizabeth J Comstock is at least $8.71 Million dollars as of 18 October 2021.

Marketing is about innovation.

Beth Comstock daily routine 1
Beth Comstock daily routine

Facts about Beth Comstock

  • She Turned Down Steve Job Twice.
  • She Believes Failure Is The Pathway to Success.
  • She’s A Published Author.
  • Beth Comstock Is One Of Fortune And Forbes World’s Most Powerful Women.
  • She’s Now A Director At Nike

Learning from Beth Comstock

  • Necessity is the Mother of Invention and Action.
  • Operate your Organization on Different Speeds.
  • Marketing is what you do at the beginning, not the end.
  • Run Thought Experiments.
  • Update Policies across Core and New Businesses.
  • Stop Making Excuses.

You have to tell a story before you can sell a story.