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briana rollins

[Updated] Brianna Rollins Daily Routine in Athletics 2024

Olympic hurdler is one of the fastest and most effortless sports personalities. She is full of energy and enthusiasm, she is the fourth-fastest in history, with a time of 12.24 seconds for the 100-meter hurdles. She says it was all because of her constant efforts and her confidence, she has set an example to many […]

gwen jorgensen networth

[Full Schedule] Gwen Jorgensen (Runner) Daily Routine in 2024

Failure is the stepping stone of success; this quote would suit the life of Gwen Jorgensen very well. The 2012 summer Olympics was one of the most disappointing moments of her life, despite winning a medal, she was placed in 38th place. She never gave up on her hopes and dreams and worked hard to […]


[Full Schedule] Allyson Felix Daily Routine and Lifestyle in 2024

Become something that your competitor is afraid of you, struggle much that your workout seems a silly game for you, a practice that your body adapts the condition, and always demands a new workout strategy, A good athlete always looks for this kind of quality, hard work pays off but hard work in the right […]


[Full Schedule] Mat Fraser Daily Routine and Lifestyle in 2024

If you want to win, you have to be perfect in every aspect, and some people are born with this kind of talent as they are perfect in everything from birth. One of them is Mat Fraser one of the best in CrossFit Athlete. He was athletic from a young age, learning to swim when […]

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