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bernard hopkins vegan

[Full Schedule] Bernard Hopkins Daily Routine, Workout in 2024

Nothing is permanent, not even your pain and bad days, and the perfect example for the quoted sentence could be none other than Bernard Hopkins. He was sentenced to spend 17-years behind the bars for strong-armed robbery and assault, five years after which he kickstarted a revolutionary life making him one of the most influential […]

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[Revealed] Dana White Daily Routine in 2024

Dana White’s love for mixed martial arts is a no doubt, he always had a passion for sports and it was always genuine. Being the president of UFC, he became the pillar and one of the strong reasons for the growth of the whole community of UFC, he made it globally prominent. For him, its […]

andre ward weight class

[Full Schedule] Andre Ward Daily Routine in 2024

Sports is not a game, it is war and not all can be warriors. Only a few succeed in this field and reach extreme heights, not by any luck but by true dedication and hard work. One such sports warrior is Andre Ward, his career in sports is an extreme success with a gold medal […]

Daily routine of Evander Holyfield

[Full Schedule] Evander Holyfield Daily Routine in 2024

Competing with the best makes you better, and beating the best makes you the best. But being the best isn’t an easy job, it requires lots of dedication towards your passions. You have to crush your competitors and step over them to be the best. If one wants to be the best one should prepare […]

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[Updated] Terence Crawford Daily Routine in 2024

As the boxing world is highly competitive, Terence is one of the most anticipated player in the field. Known for his defensive skills, he is ranked as one of the top most players of the world. He is really fast and can really box great, no doubt in that. He makes himself sure that he […]


[Full Schedule] Vasyl Lomachenko (Boxer) Daily Routine in 2024

Success, fame, name, and money is the thing that today’s generation wants, and they are struggling to get this. But you won’t succeed until your hard work and determination are up to the mark. We have billions of examples of strugglers, but only thousands of them get success. Everyone is worthy if they love the […]

Daily routine of Nonito Donaire

[Revealed] Nonito Donaire Daily Routine in 2024

In life, no matter how you are doing, what you are doing, whether you are getting success or not. Just remember a thing in life, Every champion was once a contender. In life we should never give up on anything, rather we should always aim and focus on our target. We will surely get success […]

george foreman age

[Updated] George Foreman (Boxer) Daily Routine 2024

George Foreman was the scariest boxer alive during the 1974 play. He was raw in his punch and was like a lion in his game, he demolished players Joe Frazier and Ken Norton with his huge strength. After being defeated by Ali, the impact of being lost as a professional boxer lasted for over many […]

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