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khaled Hoseseini

[Revealed] Khaled Hosseini (Novelist) Daily Routine in 2024

Khaled Hosseini is known for his vivid depictions of Afghanistan, most notably in The kite runner (2003), he grew up in Kabul, his father was a diplomat and his mother was a secondary school- teacher. He is an ambitious writer, he used to read a lot of Persian poetry in his childhood and this is […]

margaret atwood books 1

[Updated] Margaret Atwood Daily Routine in 2024

A writer or a poet does not want to be writing instead they want to be living what they write. Having authored 18 poetry books, 18 novels, 11 non-fiction books, 9 short stories, 8 eight children’s books, and 2 graphic novels published, Margaret Atwood has spent her life writing and living for literature. She is […]

elmore leonard age

[Updated] Elmore Leonard Daily Routine in 2024

Elmore Leonard was one of the most prominent writers, his writings were tough and very much realistic, that was the most beautiful thing about his writing. He has no particular inspiration in writing, and he had a habit of following his own style, he was unique in his own way, he was so much passionate […]

truman capote lifestyle

[Full Schedule] Truman Capote Daily Routine in 2024

Truman Capote knew his future, he knew that he will mesmerize the world with his writings, he found out his reading skill when he was in grade one and was encouraged by teachers in the school, he rose up to become one of the prominent writers of all time. let’s take a look at his […]

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