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[Revealed] Puff Daddy Daily Routine for Rapping in 2024

Feeling dull, let’s hear hip-hop! is the so saying of most people around the world. The beat of hip hop gives an adrenaline rush, which makes all of us excited and energetic The underground Rappers have a different kind of swag, which differs them from the rest of the world, If you want to give […]

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[Updated] Pusha T Daily Routine in 2024

Usually Rappers don’t seem to have a perfect daily routine, all they do is perform the entire night, rock the world and hang out in clubs and of course, rap. But, Pusha T, has a perfect daily routine set and is entirely unique. He is busy, hardworking and focuses on his rapping career, also he […]

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[Revealed] Curtis James Jackson (50 Cent) Daily Routine in 2024

50 Cent’s story is a true inspiration, from not having many opportunities to prove himself to becoming one of the most popular rappers, his journey is an example of how to lead life. He was involved in drug dealing to cover his obsession with sneakers, and then got into Rapping, his transformation is a wonder […]

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