Elmore Leonard was one of the most prominent writers, his writings were tough and very much realistic, that was the most beautiful thing about his writing. He has no particular inspiration in writing, and he had a habit of following his own style, he was unique in his own way, he was so much passionate and real into his works. Let’s take a look at his daily routine and some interesting facts about him.

Who is Elmore Leonard?

  • Elmore Leonard is a prominent American novelist, screen-writer and a short story writer.
  • His genre of writing includes crime fiction and suspense thrillers.
  • Some of his best-known work include Get Shorty, Out of Sight, Hombre and Rum Punch.
  • He is also called as ‘the Dickens of Detroit’.
  • He won the National Book Award in 2012.
elmore leonard writing tips
elmore leonard writing tips

Daily Routine

Mornings of Elmore

  • He used to wake at 5 am
    During his initial stages of his writing career, he was working as a copy writer and as an advertising agent, in order to aspire his full-time writing career, he used to wake up at 5 in the morning, so that he gets some extra time for writing before heading to his job.

Afternoons of Elmore

  • Writing routine
    After fulfilling his dream as becoming as a full-time writer, he used to write 6 hours a day, he used to start around 9.30 in the morning and used to write till evening. And he never used a computer during his writing, instead, he wrote them on yellow legal-pads.

Evenings of Elmore

  • Movies
    After his writing routine, he used to spend his evening watching movies, he used to like western movies a lot, he once said that he wanted to sell Hollywood right away and make some money.

Personal Interest and Facts

  • Born: October 11th, 1925, U.S.
  • Spouse: Christine Kent (1993-2012),Joan Leanne Lancaster (1979-1993).Beverly Claire Cline (1949-1977).
  • Children: Peter Leonard, Kate Leonard, Chris Leonard, Jane Leonard, Bill Leonard.
  • TV shows: Karen Sisco, By-line Showtime, Fire in the hole.
  • Died: August 20th, 2013, U.S.

Learning from Elmore

  • Leadership
  • Problem solving.
  • Networking.
  • Delegation and time management.
  • Adaptability, persistence and hard work.
elmore leonard writings
elmore leonard writings

Elmore Leonard’s Quotes to Inspire you Towards Success

  • Never open a book with weather.
  • Avoid prologues.
  • Never use a verb other than ‘said’ to carry dialogue.
  • keep your exclamation points under control.
  • Never use the words ‘suddenly’ or ‘all hell broke loose’.
  • Never use an adverb modify the verb ‘said’….he admonished gravely.