Helena has first-hand experience of a crisis producing opportunities for positive change through her work with the 30% club, a campaign she found in the year 2010 to increase gender diversity and senior management teams. She is an inspiration to all the woman’s out there, she is also the recipient of a lifetime achievement prize. To know more about her, lets take a look at her daily routine and some interesting facts about her.

Who is Helena Morrissey?

  • Helena Morrissey is a British financier and campaigner.
  • She was born in Bowdon.
  • Both of her parents were teachers.
  • She studied philosophy at Fitzwilliam college, Cambridge.
  • She began her career at the New York and London bond desks at Schroders.
  • She became Newton’s chief executive as of 2015.
  • She established 30% club in 2010.
  • She is a former chairperson of the board of the Royal Academy of Arts.

Daily Routine

Mornings of Helena

  • She starts her day at 5 am
    She starts her day earlier every day, she would check her emails and reply to important messages as a first task of the day.
  • She has nine children
    She is a mommy of nine children, she and her husband divide all the house-hold works which is comforting to Helena, her husband would do all the duties like cooking, washing and dropping their children to school.

Afternoons of Helena

  • Work hours
    She says that her days are like university exams, really taxing and full on. She works for ten hours in a day and at times 10-12 hours depending on the work load.

Evenings of Helena

  • Dinner
    She returns home around 6 pm in the evening, she would be really exhausted and would rest for some time and then help her children in their homework and then they all eat their dinner together.
  • Sleep routine
    She would work for some more time after dinner, often checking out her email or preparing for the next day’s schedule, she would go to bed by 11 pm.
helena morrissey house
helena morrissey house

Personal Facts

  • Born: 1996, U.K.
  • Age: 56 years.
  • Education: Fitzwilliam College.
  • Spouse: Richard Morrissey.
  • Party: Conservative party.
  • Office: member of house of lords of the U.K since 2020.
  • Children: 9.

Learning from Helena

  • Leadership is a skill.
  • Determination is the key.
  • Have a positive approach.
  • Women can be a CEO and a mother at the same time.
  • Women’s are powerful.
  • It is important to believe in yourself.
  • Nothing is too difficult to do.