There are many ways in which you can inspire people, it may be through art or through your action, one such person who continues to inspire millions of people across the globe through his podcasts is Joe Rogan, not only that, he makes people to laugh out loud, at the same time conveys a sensible message through his comedies. Let’s take a look at this daily routine and some interesting facts about him.

Who is Joe Rogan?

  • Joe Rogan is an Observational, black, insult, cringe, and satire comedian.
  • He jokes on the topics like Current affairs, politics, religion, pop culture, and sports.
  • He was born on August 11th, 1967 in Newark, New Jersey, U.S.
  • He has several awards in his list of achievements, he was nominated for the Teen Choice award in 2003.
  • He was the MMA personality of the year in the years 2011, 2012, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2019.

Daily Routine

Mornings of Joe Rogan

  • He starts his head around 10 am to noon
    Being people’s entertainer, he’s frequently awake till 3 am, making people laugh with his comedies and he spends spending hanging out with his friends at night.
  • Exercise
    He wakes up depending on the previous night, he’ll start his day with some alkaline water and a little pink Himalayan salt to keep himself hydrated.
  • After refreshing, he does some exercise, he loves weight lifting.
  • He says that if he doesn’t workout, he feels depressed and he refers to himself as a working nut.

Afternoons of Joe Rogan

  • Brunch
    Since his wake-up differs, he had to wake up around noon, his brunch would include smoothie, steak, and eggs.
  • Coffee
    He is a coffee lover and sips coffee in the noon, he loves coffee from the Black Rifle Coffee Company and Caveman Coffee.

Evenings of Joe Rogan

  • Evenings at home
    He mostly spends his evening at home with his family, watching movies or any of this favourite tv series with his daughters.
  • Dinner
    He has his dinner with his family after finishing his podcast responsibilities, his dinner will include meat, kimchi and vegetables.
  • At times, he heads to McDonald’s for his dinner after his show.

Personal Interest and Facts

  • His hobbies include drawing, playing pool, and hunting.
  • Rogan is affiliated with a company by the name of Onnit, whose work is to create Alpha Brain, a product meant to improve verbal recall and task completion.
  • During his leisure, he loves to spend time in comedy clubs.
  • He never knows his father.
  • He suffers from Vitiligo.
  • His net worth is around $100 million.
joe rogan weightloss
joe rogan weightloss

Learning from Joe Rogan

  • Here is what you can learn from Joe Rogan
  • From his podcast, one can learn how to make use of time effectively.
  • He creates awareness about the importance of mental health.
  • He talks about the impact of the media on this generation and mobile phones have completely taken our lives and teaches how to use mobile phones positively.
  • He inspires students.

Joe Rogan’s Quotes to Inspire You Towards Success

  • Once you understand what excellence is all about…you see how excellence manifests itself in any discipline.
  • Be cool to people.  Be nice to as many people as you can.  Smile to as many people as you can, and have them smile back at you.
  • To me, comedy is a great occupation because I don’t really worry that much about what other people think of me.
  • The time you spend hating on someone robs you of your own time.  You are literally hating on yourself and you don’t even realize it.
  • I’m obsessed to extreme winners because I think there’s a madness to it.  I truly believe that in order to truly be great at something you have to give into a certain amount of madness.