Sports is a war game, it needs strength and stamina, both physically and mentally. One needs to follow a daily routine, make plans, and take action in order to be successful. According to Winston Churchill ‘Success is the ability to go from failure to failure without enthusiasm’. People who want to be successful should also learn how to deal with failure and repair things when the situation takes a different path. To achieve in the field of sports and to sustain the name you gained at first place, one to be hardworking and determined and poses all the required sportsmanship skills, one such person who poses these skills and is sustaining as a successful person in his career of sport is Lebron James, let’s take a look at his lifestyle, daily routine and some interesting facts about him.

Who is Lebron James?

Lebron Raymone James Sr. is a prominent American professional basketball player who plays for the Los Angeles Lakers of the National Basketball Association. He is nicknamed ‘King James’ and is considered as one of the greatest players in the history of the NBA and is frequently compared to Michael Jordan who is considered as the legend of football. James has competed in ten (10) NBA finals. His accomplishments include NBA championships, four NBA MVP awards, and Olympic gold medals, and many more awards lists.

Daily routine

Universally recognized as one of the best basketball players of all times, and the greatest athletes in the world, James owes his success and longevity largely to an incredible commitment to training and recovery, people with determined goals and strong willpower to succeed in life follow a daily routine where stick to their work ethics and follow certain principles, they don’t only plan, but also take actions, let’s take a look at the daily routine of Lebron James.


  • He wakes up at 5 am in the morning
    Lebron’s coach makes sure that he gets a peaceful and quality sleep the night before for James to be active the next day in the morning for his workout session, and therefore after a quality sleep, he wakes up at 5 am in the morning.
  • He works out every day
    His workout routine will generally include some cardio to warm up and strength training exercises: inverted rows, landmine rotational press, lunges, and some core works.
  • James enjoy Yoga
    He also enjoys yoga, Pilates, using the Versa Climber, and 100-yard sprints.
  • Breakfast

He follows a strict diet and changes the kind of diet from time to time, for breakfast he includes an egg white omelet with smoked salmon and gluten-free pancakes with berries.


  • Lunch
    Right after his game he usually goes with a simple protein shake for his lunch. In addition, he likes to eat peanut butter and jelly sandwich, sliced apples with almond butter on top.
  • A short nap
    He wakes up at 5 am in the morning after getting at least eight-nine hours of sleep and will nap throughout the day.
    Lebron’s sleep routine includes making sure his room temperature is set just right and completely dark and turning off all his electronic devices 30-45 minutes before he goes to sleep.


  • Exercise and meditation
    Other recovery methods James includes in his daily routine is Cryotherapy and flexibility exercises along with meditation.
  • Dinner
    His dinner includes chicken parm with a rocket salad and a glass of cabernet.

Personal Interest and Facts

  • Lebron James enjoys hobbies that include reading, listening to music, spending time with his family friends and playing basketball.
  • His favourite food includes Trix cereal and honey-oat granola for breakfast, other cereals, including pebbles, frosted flakes and cinnamon toast crunch are some of his favourite foods.
  • His favourite colour is blue, his favourite rapper is Jay-Z and drake, his favourite basketball players are Michael Jordan and Allen Iverson. James likes to listen to a little Wiz Khalifa before the opening tip (‘Gone’ and ‘Remember You’ are his go-to tracks), but his rap-heavy playlist also includes 2 chains (I’m Different) ASAP Rocky (Long Live ASAP) and T.I (Trap Back Jumping).
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lebron james diet

Learning from Lebron James

  • Lebron James is not just a talented player with excellent achievement in his career but is also one of the inspiring persons with a huge fan follower, his sportsmanship qualities are what has gained him, such huge followers.
  • He is a leader in his role and encourages his fellow players as well and plays his sport in a very ethical way, his brave actions are way too empowering.
  • He has never let his fame go down and has maintained a constant successful result, which is not an easy thing and needs lots of effort and hard work.
  • He is a born leader and makes up his own mind and he demands freedom of thought and action, all these qualities make him a successful player and a great human, these are some of the things that we can learn from Lebron James.

Lebron John Quotes to Inspire You Towards Success

  • Maybe my pain was my motivation
  • You can’t be afraid to fail. It’s the only way you succeed. You’re not gonna succeed all the time and I know that.
  • I treated it like every day was my last day without basketball
  • I don’t need too much. Glamour and all that stuff don’t excite me, I am just glad I have the game of basketball in my life.
  • You can’t be afraid to fail