Writing is a beautiful and soulful profession, everything you write, is straight from your heart and soul. Being 69 years old, Lee child still writes from his soul, he also has a tradition that he follows, he starts writing on the first day of September every year. He also has many awards and honours in his list of achievement as a writer. To know more about Lee child, let’s take a look at his daily routine and some interesting facts about him.

Who is Lee Child?

  • Lee Child who is known by his pen name is a British author.
  • He is prominent for his thriller novels.
  • He is also best known for his Jack Reacher novel series.
  • His first novel won the Anthony Award and the Barry Award for best first novel.
  • He is a part of the UK’s network, in Manchester as a presentation director.
  • His pen name ‘Lee’ comes from a family joke.
  • He was elected as the president of the Mystery Writers in 2009.
  • His writing is described as ‘hardboiled’ and ‘commercial’.
  • He joined the Booker Prize judging panel in 2020.
lee child 1
lee child 1

Daily Routine

Mornings of Lee

  • He starts his day at 7 am
    He wakes up around 7 or 8 am in the morning and the first thing he does is drink a cup of coffee, he is a huge coffee lover and chugs in about 30 cups of coffee a day.

Afternoons of Lee

  • Writing
    After his morning routine, he would start his writing work in the mid-day around 1 pm, he has a habit of smoking and drinking his favourite coffee while working on his book.
  • He writes 2000 words a day.

Evenings of Lee

  • Sleep routine
    He would finish his writing works at 6 or 7 pm in the evening, he would spend some leisure, eats his dinner and goes to bed around 1 pm.

Personal Interest and facts

  • Original name: James Dover Grant CBE.
  • Pen Name: Lee Child.
  • Born: October 29th, 1954, U.K.
  • Age: 67 years.
  • Occupation: Author.
  • Genre: Crime fiction, mystery, thriller.
  • Education: King Edward’s school.
  • Alma matter: University of Sheffield.
  • Notable works: Jack Reacher series of novels.
  • Spouse: Jane Grant.
  • Children: Ruth Grant.
  • Siblings: Andrew Grant.


  • Killing Floor- 1997.
  • Die Trying- 1998.
  • Tripwire- 1999.
  • Echo Burning- 2001.
  • Without fail- 2002.
  • The enemy- 2004.
  • One shot- 2005.
  • The hard way- 2006.
  • Bad luck and trouble- 2007.
  • Nothing to lose- 2008.
  • Gone tomorrow- 2009.
  • 61 hours- 2010.
  • Never go back- 2013.
  • Personal- 2014.
  • Make me- 2015.
  • Night school- 2016.
  • Blue moon- 2019.
  • The sentinel- 2020.
  • Better of dead- 2021.

Awards and Honours

  • Anthony award- 1997.
  • WH smith thumping good read award- 1998.
  • Dilys award nominee- 2002.
  • Lan Fleming steel dagger award nominee- 2003.
  • Barry award- 2004.
  • Macavity award nominee- 2005.
  • Theakston’s old peculiar crime novel of the year- 2010.
  • Thriller and crime novel of the year- 2012.
  • RBA prize for crime writing- 2014.
  • Author of the year- 2019.
  • Lifetime achievement- 2019.
  • British book award- 2019.