One hour of doing something is more valuable than, ten-hour of thinking about something. Innings are not built by boundaries you have to keep rotating strike instead of waiting for a boundary ball for being in the game, the moral is if you just think and won’t do anything you wouldn’t succeed. To be in a game you have to keep doing something, and whatever you are doing, keep doing it with full of dedication. because a work full of dedication gives you success. Maggie Haberman an American journalist has such qualities which make her famous and makes me write on her and makes people like you read and research her, she is one who keeps making reports on Trump and makes us all updated about Trump. Let us see facts, a daily routine about Maggie Haberman, and let us learn from her.

maggie Haberman
maggie Haberman

Journalism can never be silent: that is its greatest virtue and its greatest fault.

Who is Maggie Haberman

  • Maggie Haberman is one of the most respected journalists in this age.
  • Maggie won a Pulitzer Prize in 2018 for her work on Trump’s people and their relationship with the Russians.
  • She is a White House correspondent for The New York Times and a political analyst for CNN.
  • She wrote about Donald Trump for those publications and rose to prominence covering his campaign, presidency and post-presidency for the Times.

Full name: Maggie Lindsy Haberman

Date of birth: 30th of October, 1973

Age: 48 years old

Birthplace: New York City, New York, USA

Nationality: American

Profession: American journalist

Marital status: Married

Education: Ethical Culture Fieldstone School and Sarah Lawrence College

Husband: Dareh Ardashes Gregorian

Parents: Clyde (father) and Nancy (mother)

Sibling: Zach

Children: Max, Miri, and Dashiell Gregorian

Journalism is an act of faith in the future.

Morning of Maggie Haberman

  • Wakes up early in the morning
    As she is journalist she has habit of waking early in the morning, she wakes up early at around 6 am.
  • Go through his phone.
    Just after waking up she grabs her phone and checks tweets and emails.
  • Reads news digest
    She look at the New York Post, New York Times, Washington Post, Drudge, The Wall Street Journal and increase her current affairs knowledge.
  • Drop her kids to school.
    She takes her kids to school before going to an office.

Afternoon of Maggie Haberman

  • Way to New York Times office
    After dropping her kids to school, she way her route directly to New York Times office.
  • Watch movies on Amazon prime
    When she is not covering any story, she plug on her earphone and enjoy watching Amazon Prime, Netflix and listening music.
  • Works hardly
    When she is working on an article or story, she is much dedicated that she never knows that how the time had passed, she makes herself too busy that she even dont have time to talk with others.

Evening of Maggie Haberman

  • Attends calls
    On off office hours she used to attend call of lot of sources in government who want to talk with her and wants to give update about the work.
  • Set to bed
    She get to bed at 12 am to complete her 6 hours of sleep.

Facts about Maggie Haberman

  • Journalism was not her first career choice in life.
  • she had dreamed of being a fiction writer. 
  • She had first job as a clerk at the New York Post.
  • In the 2018 documentary The Fourth Estate, which centres around The New York Times coverage of Donald Trump’s presidency, Haberman plays a key role.
Maggie Haberman net worth
Maggie Haberman net worth

Learning from Maggie Haberman

  • Always stay updated of whats happening.
  • Keep your eye on your target.
  • Do not get afraid of showing reality to the world.
  • Always be proud of yourself.

Journalism could be described as turning one’s enemies into money.