Many people think and daydream to become a billionaire, but becoming a billionaire is as difficult, as easy to think. One cannot be successful and be rich just by procrastination, you have to pay off the things to reach there, you have to work hard as well as smart to be there, you have to follow the steps of idols and tycoons, one of these tycoons is Max Levchin, he is an entrepreneur and investor who became the Co-founder and CEO of PayPal at the age of 23. He is also known to be a fitness fanatic. He is one of the computer-minded people staying on earth. Let us see the way Max Levchin lives his life, spent his day, and maintains his schedule.

The only predictable thing about startups is their unpredictability


Who is Max Levchin

  • Max Levchin is an entrepreneur, software engineer, investor, and executive producer known for founding and being involved with various successful companies including Yelp, PayPal, Affirm, Yahoo, and HVF.
  • Birthdate : July 11, 1975
  • Birthplace : Kyiv, Ukraine
  • Founder of : PayPal, Glow‌, Confinity,, Affirm (company) FieldLink, HVF Labs, Scifi Ventures
  • Known for : Affirm
  • Educated at University of Illinois at Urbana (bsc), software engineer.
  • While attending college, he co-founded his first company, SponsorNet New Media. In 1998, he co-founded Fieldlink, which eventually become confinity. That company later came to be known as PayPal

My biggest mantra is ‘stay focused.

Personal life

  • In 2008, Levchin marries his long-time girlfriend, Nellie Minkova
  • They have two children. His experience as a father would later inspire Levchin to launch Glow in 2013, a fertility app that helps couples conceive naturally.

I love my routine and if you make your routine a habit, it will surely pay to you

Morning of Max Levchin

  • Early riser
    Max Levchin is early riser who usually wakes at 5:30 pm.
  • Checks Emails
    Just like other succesfull peoples, max too pays his first hour of morning by checking important messages and mails.
  • Do some squats
    He does some squats (40) to jump-start his heart rate and logs the effort on his phone.
  • Maintain his diet
    He takes one ounce of Greek yogurt, with a 3-to-1 ratio of protein to sugar, to shift his body’s metabolism into fat-burning mode.
  • Checkout his activities which he has to perform
    He goes to downstairs in his San Francisco townhouse and gears up for the activity he’s been looking forward to all week.
  • Get on the bike
    The favourite part of Max day is to ride a bike, he says that it makes him active and productive throughout the day, and get his energy booster by biking.

Afternoon of Max Levchin

  • Way to office
    He head to the office sometime between 8 and 9am. It depends on his intensity towards biking.
  • He basically find a routine that he like, and he just stick to it obsessively.
  • Attends meeting
    He wind up having too many meetings and feels, all useful.

Evening of Max Levchin

  • Back to home
    He try to make it home towards 6pm, to spent his precious time with loving family.
  • Have his dinner
    He spend some time with his kids during dinner.
  • Reading habit
    He reads some books before the bed.
  • Checks and reply mails
    He checks out his important mails and messages and with this he rest his day.

I failed a lot before I hit it big.

max levchin net worth
max levchin net worth

Quotes by Max Levchin

  • The very first company I started failed with a great bang. The second one failed a little bit less, but still failed. The third one, you know, proper failed, but it was kind of okay. I recovered quickly. Number four almost didn’t fail. It still didn’t really feel great, but it did okay. Number five was PayPal.
  • Ignore your mistakes. The number one thing to worry about is -Am I doing what I’m good at?
  • Being an entrepreneur is not about being in love with an idea, it’s about being in love with running a company.
  • You can’t get married to any one particular plan. That is the biggest lesson I learned at PayPal.

Learning from Max Levchin

  • Setting goals.
  • Starting day early.
  • staying focused.
  • Measure daily productivity.
  • Believe in innovation.
  • Thinking away from the world. (Out of box thinking).
  • Always keep thinking better.
max levchin wife
max levchin wife

If you improve by one percent every day, you will grow amazingly.