Max Whitlock is the most successful gymnast in the nation’s history, he is extremely skilled and highly successful. He has represented his country at numerous championships including the Olympic Games and the world cup. He is also known for his skills on the Pommel horse. He tied the knot with his long-term girlfriend in 2017 and the couple has a daughter called Willow. To know more about him, let’s take a look at his daily routine and some facts about him.

Who is Max Whitlock?

  • Max Anthony Whitlock is a British artistic Gymnast.
  • He is a six-time Olympic medallist.
  • He won three golds and three bronzes.
  • He is a five-time medallist on the pommel horse with three gold and two silvers.
  • He is the first-ever Olympic gold medallist in artistic gymnastics of Britain.
  • He is the most successful gymnast in his nation’s history.
  • He has 8 global medals in the apparatus, including 5 global gold medals.

Daily Routine

Mornings of Max

  • Training
    He used to train for 20 hours a week, he spends six days in the gym, working on different aspects of sports. His sports session would include muscle strengthening, building stamina, running, and stretching.
  • Breakfast
    For breakfast, he eats toast with eggs and salmon, a banana, and some protein.

Afternoons of Max

  • Workout
    After his session at the gym, he used to spend some time with his kid, she simply loves being at home and it has always been difficult for him to go from home, it became harder when his daughter Willow was born, he spends his leisure with her.

Evenings of Max

  • Dinner
    He eats steak, salmon, veggies, spaghetti for dinner.

Personal Facts

  • Born: January 13th, 1993, U.K.
  • Age: 29 years.
  • Nickname: Maxi.
  • Parents: Brian Whitlock, Madeleine Whitlock.
  • Spouse: Leah Hickton.
  • Club: South Essex.
  • Height: 1.67 m.
  • Weight: 62 kg.
  • Medals: 2016 Summer Olympics
  • Head coach: Scott Hann.


  • Olympic Games.
  • 2016 Rio de Janeiro- Gold.
  • 2020 Tokyo- Gold.
  • 2012 London- Gold.
  • World championships.
  • 2015 Glasgow- Gold.
  • 2017 Montreal- Gold.
  • 2019 Montreal- Gold.
  • 2019 Stuttgart- Gold.
  • 2013 Antwerp- Silver.
  • 2014 Nanning- Silver.
  • 2015 Glasgow- Silver.
  • 2018 Doha- Silver.
  • European championships.
  • 2012 Montpellier- Gold.
  • 2013 Moscow- Gold.
  • 2014 Sofia- Gold.
  • 2019 Szczecin- Gold.
  • 2014 Sofia- Silver.
  • 2018 Glasgow- Silver.
  • World Cup.
  • 2016 Glasgow- Gold.
  • Commonwealth Games.
  • 2014 Glasgow- Gold.
  • 2014 Glasgow- Gold.
  • 2018 Gold Coast- Gold.
  • 2010 Delhi- Silver.
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Max Whitlock’s Quotes to Inspire you Towards Success

  • My dream is to do a skill that nobody has ever done before.
  • Practice makes perfect.
  • We need to be positive, we need to keep pushing.
  • The only way to achieve perfection is to keep trying again and again.
  • He pushes me through tough times.
  • Your first instinct is usually right.