[Revealed] Melanie Perkins Daily Routine and Lifestyle in 2024

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Successful people are pathfinders, we can learn a lot from them by taking inspiration from the kind of ideas they follow. They raise the standards of human achievement and make you believe that everything is possible with you and there is no stopping, which is of course true. When you read about successful person’s stories, you should pay attention to their ideas and strategies and can cultivate some of them within you and improve your chances of success, to drive some inspiration let’s take a look at the daily routine and some facts about Melanie Perkins.

Who is Melanie Perkins?

  • Melanie Perkins is an Australian technology entrepreneur and the co-founder and executive officer of Canva.
  • She was born in 1984 and graduated from Sacred Heart College.
  • She is one of the youngest female CEOs of a tech start-up valued at over A$1 million.
  • She is one of the richest women in Australia as of 2021.
melanie perkins age
melanie perkins age

Daily Routine

Following principles and ideas from successful people will boost your performance and make you realize your goals and dreams. It will give you the possibility to work even harder and you will have an idea about time management, which is very much important and has a huge impact on our day-to-day life. Let’s take a look at the daily routine of Melanie Perkins and drive some inspiration.

Mornings of Perkins

  • She starts her day at 4.30 am
    From the age of 9-15, Perkins used to wake up at 4.30 and attend her ice-skating training. She still follows the same timing.
  • She starts her day with a cup of coffee
    She loves coffee and start her day with a coffee (piccolo with one sugar)
  • She logins into social media
    She logins to the Canva’s social media and see’s what the community is talking about, she says that is where she drives her motivation from also, a source to see and work on the betterment of Canva.
  • journaling
    After her time on social media, she will do some journaling.

Afternoons of Perkins

  • Lunch with office mates
  • She has her lunch with her office mates, in order to strengthen and build team relationship with one another.
  • Communication
    She is not into zoom and emails, for communication she prefers slack or face-to-face talk.

Evenings of Perkins

  • Sleep routine
    She usually goes to bed around 11 after her long day at work.

Personal Interest and Facts

  • Perkins first began her business in her mom’s living room.
  • She loves to eat lunch with her office-mates.
  • She is one of the richest women in Australia.
  • She is one of the youngest female CEO.
  • She usually starts her day with twitter.
  • She is considered as one of the coolest people in tech.
  • She also aspired to become a professional skater, even waking up at 4.30 am for daily training.
  • She is a part Filipino through her paternal grandmother.
  • Her net worth is A$3.43 billion.
melanie perkins India
melanie perkins India

Learning from Melanie Perkins.

  • Here is what you can learn from Melanie Perkins.
  • To use your strengths adequately.
  • To follow your passion.
  • You can achieve anything at any time.
  • Your age doesn’t matter.
  • You can still do wonders while you are still young.
  • Maturity doesn’t come with age, it comes with experience.
melanie perkins interview 1
melanie perkins interview

Melanie Perkin’s Quotes to Inspire You Towards Success.

  • “Solve customer problems and make sure that the customer is representative of a large market and then you will have a pretty good formula.”
  • Anyone can have a solution but if no one cares about it, unfortunately, you are not going to have a very big company.”
  • The rejection is often not because of the reasons you think they are rejecting you.”
  • Plant lots and lots of seeds and hopefully one will grow!”
  •  “If you are determined and want it, you can just go for it.” 
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