[Full Schedule] Miranda Kerr (Model) Daily Routine in 2024

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Life is the game of uncertainty, as no one knows that how days changes, no one has an idea that what would be the next second, no one can imagine the game of Luck, life gives everyone a chance, it’s upon you, that you are grabbing it by open hand or leaving it by close eye. If life gives you a lemon, make lemonade, This is how beauty queen Miranda Kerr had done. From a small farm in Australia to the world’s stage as the coveted Angel! Her life changed. Miranda was from the farm world and she was far away from the modeling world, but now She was the second-highest-paid model at VS a few years ago. This is how life changes if you treat your skin perfectly, your diet perfectly, your schedule properly then, destiny will touch your feet for sure. Let us see the daily routine of Miranda Kerr, a supermodel to a mom to a savvy businesswoman.

Miranda Kerr
Miranda Kerr

Who is Miranda Kerr?

  • Miranda May Kerr (born 20 April 1983) is an Australian model.
  • Kerr began modelling in the fashion industry when she was 13, starting at Chaay’s Modelling Agency, and subsequently won a 1997 Australian nationwide model search hosted by Dolly magazine & Impulse fragrances.
  • Kerr rose to prominence in 2007 after landing the Angel Wings of Victoria’s Secret and becoming the ambassador of Australian department stores David Jones.
  • Since 2012, Miranda became a sensational best-selling face across Asia especially in Japan.
  • In addition, Kerr has launched her own brand of organic skincare award-wining products, KORA Organics in 2009, and released two self-help New York Bestseller books: Treasure Yourself (2011) and Empower Yourself (2014).
Real nameMiranda May Kerr
ProfessionModel, Author, Entrepreneur
D.O.B20 April 1983
BirthplaceSydney, Australia
QualificationGraduate (Certified Health Coach)
I'm very direct. It's part of my personality. I've actually grown into that.
Miranda Kerr net worth
Miranda Kerr net worth

Morning of Miranda Kerr

  • Wakes up early in the morning
    She like to wake up around 5:30am, with her husband Evan (CEO of Snapchat).
  • Meditate
    She meditate every morning, while his husband is taking shower. She try to meditate for 10 – 15 minutes to help me to set her intention for the day, with positive and clear mind set.
  • Follows her skincare routine
    As she is super model, she has to take care of her beauty, and skin. She says If I’m at home, I don’t wear makeup…
  • Takes Vitamin C tablets
    she takes zinc and vitamin C suppliments as it helps the nervous system. She prefer liquid supplements, which she take under the tongue. she also drink lemon-balm tea throughout the day, or fresh thyme tea with honey.
  • Exercise
    Her normal exercise routine is Pilates three to four times a week, yoga three times a week, with whole family.
  • Have her Breakfast
    Miranda Kerr usually starts her day off with some celery juice, it’s really helped her with digestion, clarity, she just feel healthier and energised on it, then has a smoothie, a blend of blueberries, spirulina, barley grass, orange juice and bananas. She add some skinfood suppliments too.
  • Drops her kids to school and way to office
    Miranda Kerr will drop her kids off at school then head into the KORA Organics office. And handle some works there.

Afternoon of Miranda Kerr

  • Checks Company Productivity
    She checks KORA organics productivites and always contacts with her staffs.
  • Manages Emails
    This is the time when she checks her emails and reply accordingly.
  • Lunch
    Miranda takes healthy Lunch which is good for the skin and as well as mind.

Evening of Miranda Kerr

  • Prepare dinner
    At evening she cooks home-cooked dinner for the family.
  • Spends time with her kids
    After having dinner she spend a coupe hours between 6.30-8.30pm to get the kids ready for bed.
  • Follows skin care routine
    After kids sleeps, she will spend some time on her self-care treatment.
  • Spends time with her husband
    After getting free from everything she spends a quality time with her husband.
  • Checks her email
    Before going to bed Miranda checks her Emails and then make her phone on flight mode.
  • Way to sleep
    As she rise up early in the morning she go to sleep at 10.30pm.
miranda kerr skin routine
miranda kerr skin routine

Facts about Miranda Kerr

  • Her first major campaign in the United States was for Maybelline in 2006.
  • In November 2007, the Victoria`s Secret Angels, including Miranda Kerr, received a star on Hollywood Walk of Fame.
  • Kerr used to be a competitive gymnast. She competed in her native country of Australia as a child, but had to quit because she became too tall.
  • Miranda originally studied Nutrition and Health Psychology before pursuing a modeling career.

My ambition comes from my passion: finding what I love and then expanding on that.

Learning from Miranda Kerr

  • Never loose an oportunity.
  • Make your priorities.
  • Juggling her own company, her work and her family has helped Miranda better her time management skills.
  • Planning and scheduling even the minutest of things has helped Miranda.

If I was as relaxed as what I perceived myself to be, I would not be able to multi-task the way I multi-task.

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