No dream is too big, you should not limit yourself to aspire to anything in life and everything is possible because many of the things that exist today are possible, people who dared to dream big and make the impossible possible. There are many empowering personalities helping us live a more inspiring, happier, balanced, and successful life. Let’s a look at one of those inspiring personalities namely Nir Eyal.

Who is Nir Eyal?

Nir is an American author, lecturer, and investor. He was born on February 19th, 1980, in Israel. He is notable for his work Hooked: How to build habit-forming products. He focuses on the subject’s psychology, technology, and business. He completed his BA from Emory University and his MBA from Stanford University. His first book was published in 2014 and his second book in 2019 namely Indistractable: How to control your attention and choose your life.

Daily Routine

Whether you are just getting your start-up off the ground or you have a regular 9 to 5 job, you need a couple of habits to help you develop, grow, and to learn. These habits, when followed regularly, will impact your daily lifestyle and help you achieve, so it’s very much important on the kind of habits to develop every day and the kind of routine you follow, to take some inspiration, let’s take a look at the daily routine of Nir Eyal.


  • He starts his day at 6.30 am
    He wakes at 6.30 am in the morning after a peaceful hour of sleep.
  • Breakfast with family
    He spends his day having breakfast with his family and then exercises for a while before starting his work for the day.
  • He writes five days a week
    He starts his writing work around 9.30 in the morning, and he writes five days a week.


  • Lunch
    After his working hours, he joins his family for lunch.


  • Phone calls and emails
    After wrapping up his day at work, he spends the rest of his day attending phone calls, checking emails and spending some quality time with his family.
  • Sleep routine

He goes to bed at 10 pm, leaving his phone outside his bedroom and turning off the internet.

Learning From Nir Eyal

  • Being an author of two prominent books, in which he talks about building good habits, how to break bad habits and life style, he has not only written it in the book but also is a living example of his writing, here is what we can learn from him.
  • How to cultivate good habits
  • How to break the bad habits
  • How to decide to spend our time accordingly
  • How to be practical in life
  • How to overcome all sort of distractions in life
  • How to be productive.

Nir Eyal’s Quotes to Inspire You Towards Success

  • The cure for boredom is curiosity.
  • Fun is looking for the variability in something other people don’t notice. It’s breaking through the boredom and monotony to discover its hidden beauty.
  • Even when we think we’re seeking pleasure, we’re actually driven by the desire to free ourselves from the pain of wanting.
  • To change behaviour, products must ensure the users feels in control, people must want to use the service, not feel they have to.
  • Dissatisfaction and discomfort dominate our brain’s default state, but we can use them to motivate us instead of defeating us.