[Updated] Pusha T Daily Routine in 2024

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Usually Rappers don’t seem to have a perfect daily routine, all they do is perform the entire night, rock the world and hang out in clubs and of course, rap. But, Pusha T, has a perfect daily routine set and is entirely unique. He is busy, hardworking and focuses on his rapping career, also he follows a perfect routine every day. To know more about him. Let’s take a look at his daily routine and some facts about him.

Who is Pusha T?

  • Terrence LeVarr Thornton who is known by his stage name Pusha T, is an American rapper.
  • He is also a record executive.
  • He released his first project titled Fear of God in March, 2011.
  • He and his brother began to pursue a career in hip hop, forming a group known as Clipse.
  • Terrence initially took the stage name Terrar.
pusha t 2
pusha t 2

Daily Routine

Mornings of Pusha

  • He starts his day at 6 am
    Unlike other rappers, he starts his day early and focuses his daily workout, he is conscious about his health and fitness.
  • Business
    By 9 am, he becomes really busy, making phone calls, taking care of business and finding new artist. He speaks to his manger 30 times in a day.

Afternoons of Pusha

  • Writing
    He spends his noon in writing, writing lyrics for his songs, he says that he can’t write at 10 or in the night, he claims that his brain doesn’t work in the night. He is purely not a night person.

Evenings of Pusha

  • Clubs
    He spends his daytime in writing and recording songs, he would spend his evenings and nights in the clubs, listening to songs.
  • Sleep routine
    He goes to bed by 9 pm, then he would wake up again at 1 am and does some searching and music online, he would go back to sleep at 4 am and start his day at 6 am in the morning.

Personal Facts

  • Birth name: Terrence LeVarr Thornton.
  • Known as: Terrar.
  • Born: May 13th, 1977, U.S.
  • Age: 44 years.
  • Genres: Hip Hop.
  • Spouse: Virginia Williams.
  • Children: 1.
  • Labels: Heir wave, Def jam, GOOD.
  • Years active: 1993-present.


  • If you know you know- 2018.
  • Mercy- 2012.
  • Misfit toys.
  • Trouble on my mind- 2011.
  • Drug dealers anonymous- 2016.
  • The games we play- 2018.
  • Come back baby- 2018.
  • What would meek do? – 2018.
  • Hard piano- 2018.
  • No problem- 2018.
  • The morning- 2012.
  • Amen- 2011.
  • Hold on- 2013.


  • My name is my name- 2013.
  • King push- darkest before dawn- 2015.
  • Daytona- 2018.
  • Awards and nominations
  • Best rap/sung collaboration- Nominated.
  • Best Rap song- Nominated.
  • Best Rap performance- Nominated.
  • Best Rap Album- Nominated.
pusha t rap 1
pusha t rap 1

Pusha T’s Quotes to Inspire You Towards Success

  • I caught the U.S open a couple of times, but man, I would love to catch Wimbledon and watch Nadal- he is the king of all kings.
  • I make a timeless music. I think I’ve made my mark as a lyricist and as an innovator as a tasremaker.
  • I’ve never been- I don’t think I’m like, a great A and R by any means. I don’t even know producing lingo, in all honesty.
  • Biggie is my favorite rapper, for sure. No other artist has impacted me that much.
  • I believe there’s a god above me, I’m just the god of everything else.
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