Robert Whittaker is one of the key players of the world and he loves his profession very much and works really hard to sustain his position. He tells that he does everything for his family and their happiness, he is also satisfied with what he has and he only wants to make things better, he qualities talk about his personality. Let’s take a look at his daily routine and some interesting facts about him.

Who is Robert Whittaker?

  • Robert Whittaker mixed martial artist.
  • He was born on December 20th, 1990.
  • His other names are The Reaper, Bobby Knuckles.
  • He has a black belt in Hapkido, Karate and in Brazilian Jiu=Jitsu.
  • As of 2021, he is ranked number 13 in the UFC men’s pound for pound rankings.

Daily Routine

Mornings of Robert

  • He wakes up at 8
    Being ranked among top 13 in the rule, he does a lot in sustain his stamina and so he wakes up in the has at 8 and eats a healthy breakfast. His breakfast would include some fresh and green vegetables.
  • Gym
    He hits the at 9 am on typical days, he focuses on strength and conditioning, boxing, running, cardio and other training exercises, he also works on gymnastics.

Afternoons of Robert

  • Lunch
    He is very much conscious about his diet, on most days his wife would cook for him and he loves that. He eats greens every day, and avoids all kind of junk food.

Evenings of Robert

  • Time with family
    He gets back at 5pm after his training session, he spends his evening with his wife and sons and have dinner together. He plays video games before going to bed, he feels that they are great stress-busters.
robert whittaker
robert whittaker

Personal Interest and Facts

  • Robert is the first Australia’s UFC champion.
  • He made his debut in the year 2012.
  • He won in the reality show called The Ultimate Fighter: The Smashes.
  • He loves to play video games and has a gaming set up at home.
  • He loves to eat chocolates and doughnuts.

Robert’s Quotes to Inspire you Towards Success

  • Everyone needs an objective, and everyone needs a goal, and it was frustrating just kind of being at a standstill.
  • I’m very proud of my heritage and the blood that runs through my veins. I take a lot of strength from that.
  • It’s definitely a reason I game so much: to forget about the pressures of fighting and the hardships of training and everything.
  • Everyone knows what crappy food is: high grease, high fat… or what clean eating is. They just make excuses not to do it.
  • People smarter than me told me that my potential was bigger than just winning a belt. Now I believe that, and that’s what I’m striving for.