Have you ever wondered what a day looks like for a professional cricketer? In this feature, we’re shining a spotlight on Sanju Samson, a young Indian cricketer who’s made his mark on the international stage. Let’s explore Sanju’s daily routine, one that is focused on cricket, fitness, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Dawn: Waking Up to the Sound of Ambition

Sanju’s day kicks off at 5:30 AM. An early riser, he believes that the tranquility of the morning helps him start his day on a positive note. A brief session of meditation follows the wake-up call, providing him with mental clarity and focus.

Morning: Work Hard, Play Hard

After a light jog to get the blood flowing, Sanju heads over to the local cricket pitch for a morning training session at 7:00 AM. He dedicates the first two hours of his morning practice to improving his batting skills, with a particular focus on his technique and shot selection.

Next, he focuses on his wicket-keeping skills. As an agile wicket-keeper, he spends an hour on drills to enhance his reflexes and footwork.

A nutritious breakfast at around 9:00 AM powers him through these intense training sessions. Protein-packed and carb-rich foods form the core of his meal.

Afternoon: Balance is the Key

At around 1:00 PM, Sanju breaks for lunch, which is typically balanced with proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. Following lunch, he grabs a quick nap to recharge his energy levels.

By 3:00 PM, he is back in the gym, working on his strength and conditioning. Fitness training forms a crucial part of his routine, aiding in injury prevention and performance enhancement.

Evening: Skill, Strategy, and Leisure

Sanju’s late afternoon and early evening are reserved for fielding drills and practice matches, which help him to adapt to various game situations. He also spends time reviewing videos of his performances and strategizing for upcoming matches.

Even with a rigorous schedule, Sanju finds balance. After dinner at 7:30 PM, he dedicates the rest of his evening to leisure activities. This time is spent with family and friends or pursuing hobbies like reading.

Night: Rest and Recuperation

Around 10:00 PM, it’s lights out for Sanju. A good night’s sleep is vital for recovery and preparation for the following day’s challenges.

Sanju Samson’s day is a testament to the dedication and discipline required to excel at the international level. His balanced approach to training, skill development, relaxation, and rest forms the blueprint for his successful career in cricket.