In 2012, Sara Blakely was crowned the youngest self-made billionaire by Forbes. Today, at 50, her net worth is around $ 1.2 million, this woman is impressive and terribly hardworking, she has built an empire for herself in the business industry. She is known for her innovation, for inventing smarter, more comfortable wears for woman’s. let’s take a look at her daily routine and some interesting facts about her.

Who is Sara Blakely?

  • Sara Blakely is an American businesswoman and philanthropist.
  • She is the founder of Spanx, an intimate apparel company.
  • In 2012, she was named in Time magazine’s ‘Time 100’ annual list of the 100 most influential people in the world.
  • She has given a guest appearance on several episodes in seasons 9 and 10 of Shark Tank.
  • She launched the Sara Blakely Foundation to help women through education and entrepreneurial training in 2006.
sara blakey
sara blakey

Daily Routine

Mornings of Sara Blakely

  • Busy mornings
    She mornings are typically busy every day, being the mother of four, she spends most of her time in getting them ready for school and preparing them breakfast.
  • Breakfast
    In order to save time, she goes with the same breakfast menu every day. Her breakfast will include lemon water, walnuts, chia, smoothie, kale and dates.

Afternoons of Sara Blakely

  • Office hours
    As the CEO of the company, she would have huge responsibilities and various tasks to perform. Most of her time is spent with the design team. Being the face of the brand, she would take interviews, travel and give speeches.

Evenings of Sara Blakely

  • Picking up children from school
    She would leave by 4 pm in the evening, and would pick her children from the school, she would spend her evening with her kids, she would also prepare them pan cakes in strange shapes.
  • Bathing
    To wrap up her day from a hectic schedule, she would take a bath every night. She lights up the candle and usually sits for five or ten minutes which keeps her body relaxed and calm.

Personal Interest and Facts

  • Born: February 27th, 1971, U.S.
  • Education: Florida State University, Clearwater High School.
  • Spouse: Jesse Itzler.
  • Children: Lazer Blakely Itzler.
  • Siblings: Ford Blakely.
  • Net worth: 130 crores.

Learning from Sara

  • Money will never solve your real problems.
  • Pace yourself.
  • You can’t please everyone.
  • You don’t always get what you want.
  • Its not all about you always.
  • Confidence is everything.
sara blakey networth
sara blakey networth

Sara Blakely’s Quotes to Inspire you Towards Success

  • It’s important to be willing to make mistakes. The worst thing that can happen is you become memorable.
  • What I most identify with is effortless fashion, looking as if someone’s not put a lot of effort into their look.
  • Embrace what you don’t know, especially in the beginning, because what you don’t know can become your greatest asset.
  • Differentiate yourself. Why are you different? What’s important about you? why does the customer need you?
  • I feel like money makes you more of who you already are.