Successful people are willing to fail and consider failure as a lesson and another step forward towards success. Not everyone can be successful, in order to enjoy the taste of the delicious fruit, one has to sow good seeds, the roots of the plant should be strong enough, good care has to be taken for the healthy growth of the plant to produce tasty fruits. The process is the same for success, in order to be successful, one should plan, take actions and respond to the situation, also, to sustain the result, one should keep running every day. One such successful person is Scott Adams, let’s take a look at his daily routine and some facts about him.

Who is Scott Adams?

Scott Adams is an American cartoonist, artist, and political commentator, he was born on June 8th, 1957 in Windham, New York. He graduated from Hartwick College and he did his MBA at the University of California, Berkeley. He owns a YouTube channel called Real coffee with Scott Adams with around 101k subscribers and a total view of 25,756,729. His notable works include Dilbert, Coffee with Scott Adams.

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Daily routine

Every day is different, every moment is different and we cannot expect the outcome of the very next moment, so we should embrace each and every moment and live life to its fullest, our daily routine impacts our lifestyle and has a great influence on both our mental and physical health, personal and professional life, successful people follow a different kind of routine, according to their lifestyle, let’s take a look at the daily routine of Scott Adams.


  • He starts his day at 5 am
    Scott wakes up at 5 am in the morning and sometimes even earlier.
  • A cup of coffee and a protein bar
    The first thing that he does after getting up from his bed is he has a cup of coffee and chugs in some protein.
  • He reads newspaper
    Before starting his work, he reads the newspaper and he usually reads the business insider and then he checks his social media
  • He completes his comics by 10 am
    He tells that time flows easily and faster when he’s working, by 10 am he would have his two Dilbert comic strips and share his thoughts on Twitter, he never fails to give some morning motivation and keeps people inspired.


  • He hits the gym
    After wrapping up his work, he spends his time in the gym.
  • Lunch
    He usually has his lunch after finishing his works.


  • Sleep routine
    Adams once wrote- ‘I’ll sleep when I’m dead, which might be soon; science tells us that averaging four hours of sleep per night is unhealthy. I have been under-sleeping for decades, and I just keep getting healthier but don’t take medical advice from cartoonists.

Personal Interest and Facts

  • Scott loves to work out in the gym and loves to travel and of course, comics are his favorite.
  • Scott Adams dated Kristina Began after divorcing his wife Shelly Miles after eight years of marriage.
  • The idea of creating his famous comic ‘Dilbert’ name came from his ex-boss, Mike Goodwin.
  • His comic failed to be published at the early stages, but a letter from one of his fans kept him motivated until he succeeded.
  • His works are published in eight hundred (800) newspapers.
  • By 2000, his works were published in 2000 newspapers in 57 countries translated into 19 languages.
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Scott Adams Quotes to Inspire You Towards Success

  • “The best you can hope for in a relationship is to find someone whose flaws are the sort you don’t mind. It is futile to look for someone who has no flaws, or someone who is capable of significant change; that sort of person exists only in our imaginations.”
  • “Give a man a fish, and you’ll feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and he’ll buy a funny hat. Talk to a hungry man about fish, and you’re a consultant.”
    “If you spend all your time arguing with people who are nuts, you’ll be exhausted and the nuts will still be nuts.”
  • “Everybody is somebody’s else’s weirdo”